​Promotion of mobile applications in the App Store

The creation of an unusual, first-rate application is only half the battle. The other is promotion in the App Store. There are many nuances and features to be noted if you want to see your product in the top ratings.

Icon – a small formula for big success First impressions matter. Your icon is a very important element. It plays the role as a billboard attracting attention to the product. It is important to present the product perfectly, to show the right image to users. If a business has its own colors, textures or patters, use it in the icon! Certainly, a well-designed icon does not guarantee high sales, but it is still very important! An icon creates a good first impression of the product and if it is made in a slipshod manner, the application will not be downloaded. When creating an icon pay attention to how it will look among other icons in the App Store and whether it will stand out. Do not forget that the icon design should match the general theme of the application and, if possible, symbolize its purpose.

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